About Us

About Us

Our Story

Welcome to murmur. Our journey together begins…

murmur: ‘a soft or gentle utterance'

murmur is a homeware collection designed and created with a purist approach, including quieter patterns, soothing colours and tactile materials, to create a feeling of serenity. This is a harmonious collection that inspires tranquility in every home.

Embrace slowness, subtlety, and the senses. Listen. Feel. Touch. Breathe. Relax. murmur….

Our Design Story

Every murmur product starts with our designer, Helen, who draws inspiration from nature and the world around us. Visiting areas of outstanding natural beauty and creating colour palettes and patterns in the style and spirit of murmur. Back in our Northern Ireland studio, a blend of age old and contemporary techniques, are applied to hand drawn motifs and subtle sophisticated palettes to form our collections.

Inspiration behind the designs & colour palettes

Inspired by the beautiful Irish landscape, the soft patterns and soothing colour hues create an ambience that is both calm and inviting. murmur inspires the notion that calm shouldn’t be bland. Our products are designed to be part of every day and make moments that matter.

The story behind Ballintoy Blue

Ballintoy is a small village in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The deep blue hues found here, frothy blue waves, fresh skies, dreamy landscape paintings and soft velvet blue furnishings have inspired this shade of blue, aptly named Ballintoy Blue.

Rose Shell Pink

Helen drew her inspiration for Rose Shell pink on a trip to the North Coast of Ireland. A quaint red door cottage, sea garden flowers of Hydrangeas and Armeia, soft peachy beaches and warm chalky seashells.

Cloud Grey

Speckled flint shorelines, sandy beaches with washed up gems, warm creamy lattes from the local coffee shop, and nearby whitewashed coastal cottages. The story behind Cloud Grey is centered around the ever-changing Irish landscape.