The Collection: Energise / Harmony / Joy / Sleep / Spa / Tranquil/ Winter Wonderland

Light invigorating scents, capturing the essence of all natural ingredients

Energise Collection

An inviting blend of zesty pomelo orange & grapefruit, settled on an ambient musky base with hints of jasmine.

Harmony Collection

Layers of fresh petitgrain unite with deep cedarwood undertones and gentle notes of comforting rose for a calm, balanced aroma.

Joy Collection

A tantalizing, joyous scent of citrus lemon blended with heart notes of ylang-ylang settled on a soothing chamomile base.

Sleep Collection

Infuse your living space with the soothing aroma of relaxing lavender, refreshing tea tree and grounding geranium, the perfect blend to help calm and unwind.

Spa Collection

A balancing blend of lime, peppery basil and calming mandarin for a spa like scent to soothe and invigorate

Tranquil Collection

Infuse and calm the senses with relaxing lavender, notes of bergamont and the earthy wood notes of musky patchouli.